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Creeping Phlox (Phlox stolonifera Sims)

I’m not sure what I have here except somewhat of a travelog of my last eight years and the plants I encountered on those travels.  A lot of plants.  At last count, 1,089 species. I’ve strived to give some insight to several state parks, forests, national monuments, forests and seashores, and all but one national park found in the contiguous United States (after my last trip, a new national park was named in Indiana).  

The result of the last eight years of travel is a three “volume” book of my travels and the plants I photographed.  I tried to have about 50% text and 50% photographs but in reality, it’s heavy on plant photographs which pleases me.

Each “volume” has a table of contents, a list of families, and finally, a “references cited.”  The problem is the amount of information is overwhelming.

I’m not sure of the best way to view this material.   My suggestion would be to start with the culmulative index.  If you know the common name or scientific name of the plant, you can find which volume (or web page) it is found.  Then again, you can always just surf the pages until something interests you.  

Rember, “find” is your friend on web pages.   You can always go to your internet browser menu bar and select “Edit” and then “Find.”  Then simply type in the word or word sequence and it should take you there.  

Lastly, I have included my personal checklist of plants which I began after my first trip eight years ago.  It lists the location I found the plant, the scientific name, the common name, the family of plants to which it belongs, the particular place I found the plant and the date I photographed the plant.  

Feel free to use any of the photos of plants as long as you provide credit.  

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